[PD-ot] Re: [PD-announce] netiquette of pd-announce

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Mon Apr 10 19:50:31 CEST 2006

On Mon, April 10, 2006 2:12 pm, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> Frank Barknecht wrote:
>> To me pd-announce is a subset of pd-list for those people who don't
>> want to follow every discussion and flame war, but don't want to miss
>> important announcements either.

I'd really like it to be such a subset. If it was such a subset. But facts
are that it isn't (- and that is why i surgested to make it so, that the
intersection between the to lists would be empty).

If it really was a subset it would become redudant to be subscirbed to
both the pd-list and the pd-annouce list. So if one were subscribed to the
pd-list one would not need allso to be subscribed to the pd-annouce list.
Now it isn't redudant since there are (or potentionally are) mails sendt
to the pd-announce list there are not crossposted to the pd-list list.

>> pd-list has manymany more subscribers than pd-announce, so I guess,
>> many pd-list subscribers either don't want to read pd-related
>> announcements - I doubt this - or many pd-list subscribers just don't
>> know about pd-announce or didn't bother to subscribe. All these people
>> would miss pd-announcements on pd-announce, unless they are
>> crossposted to pd-list. That's the reason why I cross-post to both
>> lists. I'd like to continue to be allowed to cross-post, because it is
>> unlikely that we will get several hundreds of pd-list subscribers not
>> yet subscribed to pd-announce to change their subscription habits.
> a simple solution would be to add the entire pd-list to the pd-announce
> subscribers and set all subscribees (is that the word?) of pd-announce
> who are also subscribed to pd-list to "no-mail" so they don't get
> cross-postings.

Or an easy fix to the above subset-problem could be to add pd-list to the
pd-announce list.

Announcements will the need only to be sendt to the pd-announce list,
which per auto will send it to the pd-list list. Subscribers of the
pd-announce list would get there announcments, and so would subscribers of
the pd-list list.

Since the redudance problem would be solved, the set of members of the two
lists would then have an empty intersection. In other words: it will
satisfies Franks wish from the first quote.

However, there will be two minor issues. First, there might be members of
the pd-list who potentinally could argue that they don't like to get
unwanthed announcement mails, since they only subscribed to the pd-list
list and not allso the pd-announce list. But, as Frank said, that is
highly unlikely.


>> Regarding posts from non-subscribers: I'd vote for keeping pd-announce
>> open to them.
> as stated previously, i am also tending towards such a solution.

... It will allow non-subscribers to indirectly post to the pd-list list.
I'm not sure if that will be a real problem, as the pd-announce list (from
where the mail from non-scribers comes) are being moderated by a community

all the best,

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