[Pdweb] Webpage Development Wiki and Collector

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Thu Jun 12 15:07:18 CEST 2003

Hello !

For testing and Coordination:

 - I have set up a Collector for issues concerning Webpage


  please join as reporters or so....

 - transfered the ComunitySiteWiki to


 - I changed the development folder index_html to a index
and renamed howto-sfcvs.

I hope this is ok.

CMFWiki and Collector are working now, and also Photo and Photoalbum
is installed as Product.

NuxDocument for OpenOffice, PDF, RTF etc documents has to be fexed,
dont use now.

I think there are too many tabs planed

 I just propose that instead of

  Public Relations (need a better name)

		 - news
		 - announcements
		 - blog?

       - patches
       - "art" (tracks, GEM pictures, flash-installations)

 there is a news which is also announcements (see now news, everyone
 can write) instead of a blog we can do a central wiki, which is
 just better. Everyone can make an own Wiki oder Photoalbum etc...

 Patches could be under Downloads or development. 

 so we have 

      - News (very simple news)


      - a calendar for events. as a sidebox only on main page

    and other things should go out.

Second I wil do an IEM folder for a List of IEM-Stuff to projects
maybe other poeple make an folder for them selfs beside the iem folder
as different entry point. bbut I dont realy know an solution.

I will be offline till monday.

have fun and test the tools.

mfg winfried

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