[Pdweb] "about pd" section / how to wiki

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Jun 12 18:31:06 CEST 2003

Upon thinking about it and looking at the plone.org site, I think an 
"About Pd' section would be good.  On top of the short description of 
what pd is, we could have an wiki devoted to info, like the stammtischs 
around the world.  Another idea to have a wiki for a couple different 
sections.  Like a stammtisch wiki under 'About Pd', a works-in-progress 
wiki under 'Development' and under 'Docs', and a links wiki under 

Looking at the current wiki (http://pd.iem.at/pdwiki/), much of its 
info will be put into sections in the new site:

PdAnnounce -> 'News'
PdCommunity -> "About Pd"
Pure Data Documents -> 'Documentation'
PureData Misc Topics -> "News"
PureData Externals in Development -> 'Development'
PureData Projects -> 'Development' (maybe 'News')
Miscs -> ??

I think that most of the sections of the new site could use a wiki.  
But I don't think that the wiki section should be called 'wiki' since 
that is more the name of the software than the name of its 
functionality.  The wikis could be called something like "New ...", 
i.e. "New Downloads", "New Docs, "New Projects", etc.  And then as the 
stuff in the wiki got more established, for example a new external gets 
put into the CVS, it would be moved into the established parts of the 


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