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Marc Lavallée odradek at videotron.ca
Fri Jun 13 18:39:51 CEST 2003

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Le 12 Juin 2003 13:39, Hans-Christoph Steiner a écrit :

> What I mean by 'blog' is a page where people can respond to postings,

Isn't the same as a forum?

> If we can make the site seem like a blog, forum, or wiki,
> while using the plone functionality, then that would be ideal.

I never used a blog or a wiki, but I believe Plone is easy to use. It was 
designed to build community web sites. It's possible to integrate wikis 
in a plone portal, but it'd be a bad idea to turn a plone portal into a 
wiki site.

> blog = a section where news/announcements have to be reviewed/published

The news section already works that way. 
The only requirement to post news is to be registered.

> but then anonymous responses/discussion are allowed.

Registered users can comment the news items like a threaded discussion.
It's probably possible to allow anonymous users as well, but I believe 
this feature should be restricted to registered users.

> forum = a section where anonymous can publish and respond/discuss

I tried to add a forum but this feature is not installed or not available 
on testpd.

> wiki = a section where anonymous can edit/publish but without a
> discussion/responses

There should be only one wiki then, named "Public Publication Space".

> I am not sure that having everything be a discussion board would
> necessarily be the best thing.  I think it should be highlighted in
> some sections (i.e.'news'), and take a minor role in others (i.e.
> 'Docs', 'Downloads')

Wikis, blogs, forums, comments, all those means "I can participate".
It's all good but we should not confuse users by adding duplicated 
features. The "comment" feature seems more than enough as an annotation 
mechanism. Forums should not be integrated into sections like Docs and 
Downloads, but only into a "Forums" section.

> Right, everyone can publish their own content in their own space, but
> other moderated spaces, like an 'Exchange' section, would be very
> useful in organizing all the content on people's personal space.

I like the idea. The only problem is to track modifications and fix broken 
links from time to time.

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