[Pdweb] Members vs. members

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Fri Jun 20 09:53:48 CEST 2003


>So it looks like Plone is a bit fragile when it comes to renaming
>folders.  I changed the "Name" of the Members section from "Members" to
>"members" so that the URLs would all be consistently lowercase.  This
>seems to have wreaked havok on the Members section, so now there are two,
>one with a "Name" Members, with most of the member folders; and the other
>"Members" with mine, lmt's and odradrek's folders.

the point is that if I log in and there is no folder Members/ritsch, the
system will make one, so there are two of them, but the data is in the
renamed one.

Please never rename system immanent names like Members, since the are
used in a lot of scripts and page templates. You can change the
title. So using upper or lowercase convention on these is not whats we can

>Anyone have an suggestions as to how I should undo this?  I don't want to
>do more damage than I already have.  I tried Plone's undo and it gave me
>the huge error down at the bottom.

I have done it, just deleted the old New one (hopefully nobody did to
much data in the new one in between.

But, please before renaming anything where you are not owner (or
localrole owner), please mail or we should make some convetion rules
for us,  like

 - always use lowercase. 

I dont mind.

mfg winfried

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