[Pdweb] Organisation of Homepage again...

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Jun 20 15:21:46 CEST 2003

On Friday, Jun 20, 2003, at 08:17 America/New_York, Winfried Ritsch 

> Hello,
> I changed the structure to what we have said. put development under
> Documentation.

I guess I missed the emails where this was decided.  My email was 
semi-broken from June 10th til June 15th, so if someone could forward 
me all the pdweb emails from that time period, I would be most 
appreciative (no archive for pdweb :-(

But I still think it is a good idea to have a distinct Development 
section (maybe better to call it Developers) that encourages people to 
join the group development effort.

> Additionally I left the dev folder for development of this site so the
> tracker and wiki and Listlink for pdweb is there.
> Additionally I put in the exchange folder but titulated it addicted,
> to be changed, because I think the title should express more like
> collaboration (too long word) or Comunity or so but maybe just Info,
> so poeple are informed about community activity.
> I made the about folder maybe we should name it in te tabs "About PD"
> and in the content a link on "About PD-Portalsite".
The site is called pure-data.org, so I think "About" should be fine.  
But I think that we don't really need this "about" section anyway, 
since the news would be under "News", and the basic description of what 
pd is could be in the Documentation, like a section under Documentation 
called "About Pure Data".

> The only point I was not sure waht we said, is what to do with the
> news.
>  a) Put a news_slot on te start_page and a linke to news in there
>  b) Start with the news page
>  c) leave news just in the maintabs
> or an combinations.
> The Startpage:
> a) I just now made an redirect to news (solution b) and put the about
> page in the about Folder. I think it is boring always get the about
> page as an start.
> b) or later make a script which redirects on the incoming domainname
>  like pure-data.org to a purte-data.org about and pd.iem.at to a
>  pd.iem.at-about....
> c) just the about page.

I think "News" as the start page is good.


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