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Marc Lavallée odradek at videotron.ca
Sun Jun 22 21:01:16 CEST 2003

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Le 20 Juin 2003 08:49, Winfried Ritsch a écrit :

> - Since only marc is doing skinning, we should just take his skin as
> default and put away the others until somebody other come up.

Marc and Patrick. We're working on it.  We'll try to make it looks like a 
PD patch. It's not a very original idea, but we think it's a good start.

> What should we do with all the boxes:
> there are left sided and right sided ones.

We should remove the about box: we don't need to see the creator, 
modification date and state of a document; it's a useful feature for a 
small groupware, but not very relevent for a collaborative portal.

> Do we need the navigation box, or so ?

Yes. That's the only box that should show at the left, in any context. 
This box needs room to expand.

> Do we use the event system and calendar ?

Definitely, along with the calendar box.

> I could propose, that if you anoymous, there should be no boxes left
> (so you can view with a pda too).

The pda view could be implemented as a pda skin and set in the user's 
preferences. Anonymous users needs the navigation box, so they can 
navigate ...

> if you log in you get at least an navigation box, reviewer box (only
> reviewers) and about box.

The entire site should be accessible to all users (except private or group 
content), and registered users could contribute. Only some sections could 
be opened to anonymous users like forums and wikis, but these anonymous 
features should be in a "Anonymous" folder (or some other name), to 
emphasis the fact that "real" contributions are possible only when 
registered. Registered users should be able to create and maintain their 
own forums, wikis, blogs, etc, and give access of these features to all 
registered users, selected registered users, or anynymous users. 

> communication sections: About, Info (Exchange) 

The Exchange section should aggregate and reflect what registered users 
puts in their folders. All contributions should be made from personal 
folders. For example when a new user is created, a hierarchy of default 
contribution folders would be created (patches, abstractions, externals, 
art, etc). A master "Exchange" index, with search capability, would list 
what users have contributed from their personal folders.  It's the Plone 

> there could be the event box and news box on the right side.

Yes, like it is right now in the "about" section, with the calendar box. 
The about section should be made the default section instead of the news 

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