[Pdweb] Re: Re:[PD] Re: [PD-dev] new pure-data.org

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Jun 23 13:07:59 CEST 2003

Hans-Christoph Steiner writes:
>On Friday, Jun 20, 2003, at 04:20 America/New_York, Winfried Ritsch 
>> jfm3 writes:
>>> I would like to change www.pure-data.org to a redirector to your new
>>> site. Can you give me a good url for this? I realize you're still in a
>>> test phase, but what I see looks pretty good...
>> I have mapped  www.pure-data.org name on the site already, so you can 
>> change
>> any time you decide, so both domainames (should) work parallel.
>> Redirect  www.pure-data.org to
>> So some questions arises. You can change it on the dns server, but then
>> all mail, ftp, etc is also directed to this host.
>Just an FYI: the mail/ftp/etc for pure-data.org does not have to be on 
>the same server as the www.  They can be totally separate without a 

Ok, but if www.pure-data.org is mapped on an IP, this Computer must
redirect or proxy the ports to others.

Anyway, what is what you want ?

>> a) Should we take over some email addresses or aliases ?
>I think it would be cool if members got a pure-data.org alias, based on 
>the member name, so I would be hans at pure-data.org.  But if its a pain, 
>then its probably not worth it.

a) I am sure if we can make a phytonscript, to fetch the members and
register it to the plone site. I am not sure we can automatically
transfer the passwds. put poeple if the want login have the option to
get mailed an automatic passwd.

b) someone does it by hand....

Anyway we should ask if poeple want transfer their account, so
an email could be sent to register on the new page, maybe this is the
version with less work... and they update their info... a cleaning

>> I saw on an hostname check:
>>> host -CAL 1 www.pure-data.org
>>  www.pure-data.org NS record currently not present
>>  No nameservers for www.pure-data.org found
>> If you need an nameserver and secondary one, we have one., where we
>> can give you access to your records.
>Here are the pure-data.org nameservers:
>hans at sla:~ > host -CAL 1 pure-data.org
>pure-data.org           NS      NS.NEWDREAM.NET
>ns.newdream.net hostmaster.dreamhost.com        (2003061801 10800 1800 
>1814400 300)
>pure-data.org           NS      NS2.NEWDREAM.NET
ok, i did the wrong query ;-)

>I think it would be a good idea to move the domain over to IEM's 

How should we do it. Can you handle bind name dbs, so I can give you a
login which can access your purdata.db or should we set it up once
like you want and change it if necesarry.

I will check also our admin what options are available.

mfg winfried

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