[Pdweb] forum?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Jun 25 15:17:04 CEST 2003

On Wednesday, Jun 25, 2003, at 03:43 America/New_York, Winfried Ritsch 

>>> One question in the installation file:
>>>  If you want to replace CMF's DiscussionTool with CMFForum's One:
>> I don't know. Is the discussion tool the one used in the news 
>> section? If
>> so then it's more an annotation tool than a forum. With this 
>> annotation
>> mechanism it's possible to remove postings, but not with the forum. 
>> Also,
>> for some odd reason, the forum doesn't have a thread view while the
>> discussion tool have.  We better decide before opening the site...
> Can you test it and report ?
> What are the differences ?
> I never used a Forum since every Document, Object has an Discussion
> tool
> which makes it as Forum, the only difference is that forums can be
> found under one URL. So maybe only a Search for new Objects visible or
> published could form a forum.
> Since nowadays Forums and weblogs have Subscription support and email
> entry, they become more and more an mailinglists. So why don't just
> make a mailboxer with additional a online form to mail, so poeple can
> make up mailinglists for their projects, have the archives online like
> a forum and all mailinglists are searchable over the site.
> So I think we can make a content crop machine out of the page, since
> many info on a lively community is just in mails.

This to me sounds like it could be ideal solution.  I didn't know there 
was such a Product.  I am browsing through 
http://www.dzug.org/mailinglisten/zope/ now, and it has raised a few 

- Is there a threaded view, rather than a linear view?  It would nice 
to have the threaded view for archival reading, and the forum view for 
more day-to-day reading and posting.

- Can you post anonymously using a Mailboxer?  I couldn't find an 
Mailboxer page that allows posting from the web.


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