[Pdweb] Exhibition Update

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Wed Apr 11 17:16:49 CEST 2007

On 11/04/2007, at 16.20, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> Steffen wrote:
>> Left is the hiding part. Why can't the front room be placed in the /
>> community/projects/exhibition/ folder. Both your suggestions are
>> right, they go together. I think. That may sound spoiled? But i think
>> it is an appropriate place to place an exhibition on a community
>> site. It is commonly seen on other web sites.
>> That said, it would be interesting if you could convince me why it
>> should not be separate.
> i have seen so many sites becoming only partially maintained  
> because the
> workflow of publishing was too complicated.
> that's the only reason.
> and to make it structured...so people can find stuff without resorting
> to the "search" functionality of the portal.


>>>> That is why i found that putting the actual exhibition closer to
>>>> documentroot would be o.k. even when the documentation and
>>>> organization parts would live in /community/projects/ since
>>>> "closeness" to that "position" adds to the value of the project.
>>> i am not sure whether i understand this.
>> I hope it is now clear given the above explanation? It was just what
>> you suggested about the hiding part. If the exhibition is placed in /
>> some/odd/place/on/the/community/site/ i think it spills some of it's
>> potential. Since putting it close to doc-root also make it more
>> "official" which is a good thing when you display work that can be
>> done in (this case) Pd.
> hmm, but IF ./exhibition WAS
> /some/odd/place/on/the/community/site/exhibition/current then i do not
> see any problem: it is still "close" (and "official") while at the  
> same
> time it is in the place where it should be....

I kind of knew you would say that. I kind of fed that argument my  
self, hence i've not mush to add, other then point to the  
"psychology" and "why-not" and the "it commonly used place" argument.  
The fist and last is of cause strongest.

>> Another reason is that pulling forward what can be done in Pd will
>> make it easier to find for new/potential users. If there is something
>> such folks want to see then it is examples, and it's got to be right
>> up there face. "There's no screenshot link from the menu, oohhh
>> noooo. I ditch this Pd right of the bat." It a kind of psychology
>> that is frequent used in both marketing and teaching environments.
>> One have much limited time to get the basic or essential idea though
>> (or sold). Do you make it in that time there is a chance they come
>> back for more knowledge/goods.
>> It's of cause subject to debate if that is a right thing to do.
> oh i totally agree.
> that is why the simplest solution would be to make the "exhibition"  
> tab
> point directly to the exhibition (without any ./exhibition folder  
> involved).
> it might not be obvious how to do it (for non-plonistas) but it is
> really rather simple (i'll not go into the details here)

O.k. I don't understand it. So I'm interested in how?

>>> developping things in /com/proj/exh/vol-#/ and then moving them to /
>>> exh/
>>> (or was it /exh/vol-#?) just seems to be a kludge.
>> Agreed. But they are to be build into /exhibition/vol-# if possible,
> so what is then going to happen in the /bi/ba/bo/exhibition/? that  
> is a
> totally empty space (apart from 1 or 2 templates).

Yes. A template, a schedule and some documentation.

Which completely fills the space. Fullness as an argument in this is  
orthogonal to the "right place" argument. But, fair enough, is  
consistent with the "practical" argument.

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