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I agree with having a/some simple patch(es) and a/some complicated one(s),
also to illustrate GEM. I'm not sure about the others because those
pictures won't be there to be really studied, rather for a quick glance.
They could be placed under the text, between paragraphs, or in column at
the right side of the text.

Meanwhile, I think, the text could be put online, and pictures could be
added when they are ready. Marco, would you take action on the text, please?


On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 10:59 AM, Marco Donnarumma <devel at thesaddj.com>wrote:

> like the idea of illustrating projects admitted at a pd con.
> and yes, perhaps it would be nice to have a pic that loosely refer to each
> of the applications we mentioned in the text, i.e.
> "graphics rendering (GEM library), OSC communications, binary file
> processing, audio-visual streaming, physical modeling, sensor-based
> performances"
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> On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 8:34 AM, Nicolas Montgermont <
> nicolas_montgermont at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>> Le 11/04/13 15:43, András Murányi a écrit :
>>  Err... picture(s), screenshot(s)? Maybe on a separate linked page?
>> Yes, but how to choose them?
>> One or two years ago, there was:
>> - an additive synthesis patch
>> - a netpd screenshot
>> - a screenshot of hans's solitude data structure piece
>> - a msd editor screenshot
>> - a very old chdh screenshot
>> - a man drawn in pd objects
>> here for example:
>> http://web.archive.org/web/**20110226084249/http://**puredata.info/<http://web.archive.org/web/20110226084249/http://puredata.info/>
>> There was two of them related to my projects, I want to precise I was not
>> implied in the choice!
>> Concerning these two pictures, here are my thoughts:
>> - remove msd editor screenshot as I don't maintain msd anymore
>> - if you still want to have a chdh screenshot, there is newer ones here:
>> http://www.chdh.net/slideshow/**egregore7.jpg<http://www.chdh.net/slideshow/egregore7.jpg>
>> or
>> http://www.chdh.net/slideshow/**egregore5.jpg<http://www.chdh.net/slideshow/egregore5.jpg>
>> For the others, It may be a good thing to pick projects that have been
>> presented in pd conventions, it means they were validated by a committee...
>> a simple patch is a good idea
>> I agree to keep hans's solitude because it is a very specific project.
>> maybe we need a physical computing project as well?
>> Best,
>> n
>>> BTW it seems the wiki is invaded by spammers (?) https://puredata.info/*
>>> *recently_modified <https://puredata.info/recently_modified>
>>> András
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