[PD] change to pd-ext

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sat May 6 16:17:40 CEST 2006


I am now changing from pd "normal" to pd "extended" (latest test3) on  
windows, and wanted to report some things:

- /bin/pthreadVC.dll was missing - pd started anyway after complaining. I  
copied the file from the previous installation and everything was fine.

- scale gem/maxlib clash (on a separate thread)

- I'm used to having a .bat file for different configurations of pd  
(different sound cards, etc.), so I find the registry parameters not so  
flexible - in pd you can only "officially" set 10 paths/libraries. I  
deleted all variables from the registry, as I won't use them. Maybe a  
handy feature would be not just a more flexible/dynamic tcl/tk menu with  
all options there, not just a flag field, but also the possibility to save  
different configurations: pd -preset 1 ? It's always possible to do  
different .bat files, but it would maybe cleaner that way (?).

- as usual, I keep an updated 0.INTRO.txt file. I will try to update it to  
pd-ext asap, and leave a copy on my pured.org page (might take a while)

- the following dlls from unauthorized couldn't be loaded: playlist,  
sonogram~*, stk*~

- in /doc/4.audio are all available .pd files there? In my other version  
they went to K06, here only to G09

- the following externals couldn't be found: bartlett~, blackman~,  
connes~, cosine~, gaussian~, hanning~, hamming~, kaiser~, lanczos~,  
welch~, bthresher~, buzz~, the fftease library for pd, cverb~, exp~ (from  

- is there any option to define the start position of the pd window?


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