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Federico xaero at inwind.it
Wed May 17 19:14:52 CEST 2006

sorry for the delay, I've been very busy

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

>On Sun, 7 May 2006, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>We really don't want to get into maintaining a text editor in Pd when there
>>are so many good ones maintained by other people.  But yes, a way to work with
>>the text files would be handy.  Even better would be to make Pd better so that
>>you don't have to edit the text files directly.
>Getting a text editor in Pd means writing it ourselves instead of using
>one that already exists. It's also not relevant that there exist so many
>good editors if they aren't integrated with pd because as long as they 
>aren't integrated with pd they're not an alternative to writing our own 
>pd-specific text editor.
>Then the question is whether it's easier to embed pd inside an existing
>text editor or to embed an existing text editor inside pd. Well, another
>question is whether someone really wants to tackle the challenge...
maybe i drove the question too far.

having a text editor in pd maybe is too much.
a simpler thing would be the ability to copy the object code to clipboard.
this is just an idea that comes to me, thinking that there are several 
lacks for what concerns "dynamic patching".
just to enumerate some:
- a pd-object that gives the actual number of objects in the current 
patch (if one needs to do dynamic patching inside an abstraction which 
already has several object, he has to count objects, and hardcode that 
number in a float... and on every modification should update this 
count.... booring!)
- ability to resize the GOP patch from inside itself (via messages)
- ability to change a property for a group of (homogeneous) selected 
objects (i.e. change the width of 100 sliders)
- ability to distribute horizontally or vertically a group of selected 

maybe there are things more important than others... here you can see 
various problems and their solution.
choosing the right way for solving those problem is crucial



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