[PD] help on externals

AshK ashk at azylum.net
Tue May 23 16:27:03 CEST 2006


Most of the time I use pd-extended on MacOS so I never bothered
compiling externals or anything else.
Now I have a problem because I'm using pd on Linux ppc (debian etch on
a mac) and I need some externals. I couldn't find pd-extended for linux
ppc and I'm not sure to understand, pd-extended only comes as run
time / compiled version? there's no way to grab the sources and find an
easy way to compile it for any platform?

If not then I need to compile some externals myself. I already tried
and got nothing but lots of errors. I first tried to compile grid from
Yves Degoyen and got stuffs like "invalid use of undefined type
xxxstruct _widgetbehaviour"... I think Yves' code is pretty clean,
that must be a problem on my system.

So before going further I need to know if I can get pd extended to work
on linux ppc or if I have to compile the externals myself, and if
anybody knows some documentation about what I need to do on a fresh
debian install to get the usual make, make install... to work properly.

Thanks a lot and sorry if I'm a bit off topic with my compilation


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