[PD] a general discussion about which software to learn: pd, max, both... or else?

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 06:59:45 CEST 2007

Hi David,
It depends very much on what you want to do with the program and what 
the people around you know and use. My first reflex was to write max is 
the better solution because it hase more users and better support. but I 
think max is not so reliable and known to crash sometimes and a lot of 
people in theatre and stage situations don't want to use it. (well, pd 
can crash too).
max has a nicer interface. if you want to look into the sourcecode then 
you have to use Pd.
I think you should start with Pd, it is similar to max and if you ever 
think you miss something, then you can change to max later. I switched 
between both programs, but now I am back to Pd.

David Schaffer wrote:
> Hi everybody, 
>          I'm a stage/audiovisual technician willing to make a move into digital arts. I've been using pd for quite some time know and I was wondering if it would be useful for me to learn Max: according to you guys, which of the two programs seems to be most widely used, most popular, most promising in terms of future devellopements? Is it worth to be good in both or to become "excellent" (whatever that means...) in one of them? Is there another platform out there that would be worth giving a look (outside of the established stuff like pro tools, final cut, photoshop etc...) Thank you for your answers.
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