[PD] Fwd: portuguese pdpedia template

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Oct 17 18:22:08 CEST 2007

On Oct 17, 2007, at 5:46 AM, João Miguel Pais wrote:

>> Good idea. If you want to make a list of those, I'll do the import.
> ok, I'll work on it when possible.
>>> I would also like if someone in the english version (the  
>>> "official" one) would put one day to finish at least one object  
>>> as good as possible, to serve as reference for others (including  
>>> putting an image, etc.). in my experience, opening the doors and  
>>> unleashing the users without a kind of direction to follow will  
>>> sooner or later lead to waste of time/energy and disenchantement  
>>> from the involved working persons.
>> I wouldn't call the English one the official one, I hope they'll  
>> all be official.  We are all figuring out how to do this.  We  
>> don't have a "complete" one yet, but I know that Marius is working  
>> on getting things running smoothly.  Nicolas has put some good  
>> work into this one:
> of course there's no official one, but the english one is the most  
> advanced - duh, the documentation was already in english -, and the  
> common language to the main people involved in pd, pidip etc. is  
> english. My point is that a solid reference page would be important  
> to have - one of the web's problems isn't lack of information, is  
> just lack of quality of information. And it would be good if that  
> page would be finished soon, because the doors are about to open  
> for free editing.

Definitely,  I am hoping that many people will contribute.  No one  
need ask permission to edit anything, everything is open to editing,  
please do!  I think this would be a good opportunity to get the  
contributions of more people beyond the standard set.  I think  
everyone's heard enough from me. ;)



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