[PD] please test Pd-extended on debian-powerpc

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Oct 17 19:51:09 CEST 2007

On Oct 17, 2007, at 11:37 AM, Patrice Colet wrote:

> Hans-Christoph Steiner a écrit :
>> Hey,
>> Could you try today's build and report back?
>> http://autobuild.puredata.info/auto-build/2007-10-17/
>> .hc
> Hi HC,
>  you're quite fast for building!
> I'd like to make the test on win32 but there is only an installer  
> executable so for testing a single external, the whole package has  
> to be installed ,previous package needs to be uninstalled before  
> otherwise we have to click thousand times on a dialogbox "yes  
> overwrite", because there is no "Yes For All" button, also the  
> option of uninstalling precedent version doesn't seem to appear  
> during the install process. I think it's a little bit awkward to  
> have to re-install everything for a single dll, but maybe there is  
> good reason for that I've no clue about?
>  So, could you provide an archive file with all binaries inside,  
> then it would be possible to pick only the dll we wanna test.
>  Or maybe it's posible with INNO installer to let the user having  
> choices, like uninstalling previous version, or having choice of  
> the desired stuff to install through checkboxes or something like  
> that.
>  Anyway, thank you for all the gargantuan work!

Patches welcome!

People have mentioned doing such things in the past.  I'm not a  
Windows user, so I only have time to fix the Windows bugs in the code  
that I write.  If you'd like to work on the Windows side of Pd, that  
would be much appreciated.



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