[PD] webring name and url (!) changed to pd_ring

kluppe kluppe at klingt.org
Thu Oct 18 11:08:49 CEST 2007

hi pd-people!

i received an email from webring.com, telling me that "webring" is now a 
registered trademark of webring.com and asking me to "discontinue use of 
the term webring" on my website.
i don't know if this has any juristic relevance to me, since i am not in 
the us and i am not using the term for commercial activities, but i 
don't want to hire a lawyer to find it out.

so: i changed the name and url of pd webring to pd_ring.
please change the code of pd webring on your websites to point to 
http://pd.klingt.org/pd_ring/ instead.

sorry for the inconvinience
shit happens

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