[PD] webring maintenance (was: webring name and url (!) changed to pd_ring)

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Thu Oct 18 20:05:31 CEST 2007

hi all

i encountered, that some of the members of the webring don't have the
webring section in the same page, where you get directed to from the
webring. i think, it would be just fair, if people would allow to hop to
the next page as easily as it was to come to their page. iirc, i found
some pages, where i even couldn't find the webring section in a subpage.
also, i find, that one should get directed to a page, that is clearly
related to pd and not to a mainpage about a person or something else,
and a visitor has to search the pd-section first.  


not a complete list, but just some arbitrary few examples):

(mainpage not pd-related, webring section is in a subpage)

(mainpage not pdrelated, webring is in a subpage)

(webring is not on the same page as where one get directed to)

(webring section not on the same page as where one get directed to)

(couldn't find webring section, page seems not to be pd-related)

(mainpage seems to be not pd-related, had troubles finding the webring
section in a subpage. funnily i once got directed directly to the
s-abstraction subpage by the webring. it seems, there are two entries in
the webring)

(i think, this page can be removed from the webring)

(cannot find webring section)


what it is now, i wouldn't call it 'ring', but rather 'rhizome', since
many pathes are impasses. 



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