[PD] Pd-extended on gusty

kimm furt kimm.furt at web.de
Sat Oct 20 22:45:11 CEST 2007

hi hans and list,
i just tried to install a Pd-0.40.3-extended...deb on ubuntustudio 7.10 
which was released yesterday. but a couple of libaries aren't availible 
in the repos anymore. for example there's libflac8 instaed of libflac7 
and libquicktime1 instead of version 0, and i didn' succeed.
is it possible to get the source, that is used for the auto-builds 
somewhere? so i can try to compile it by myself.
will there eventually be a .deb for gusty in the nearer future?
or does anyone know any other way to get Pd-extended running on gusty?
if not, i'll have to install feisty again...
thanks, kimm

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