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Fri Oct 26 21:26:34 CEST 2007

Its a joke. Get over it. Comedians do it at venues of over a 1000 all  
the time. Ever hear of George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Eddy Murphy (back  
when he was funny..), etc etc.

Whether or not the PD list is the place for this, well, frankly, I'll  
agree it isnt, but that was my point about 3.5^10 emails ago - this  
thread is mind boggingly off topic -  but that did not stop  
discussion over such amazingly interesting topics as the etymology of  
sexism,  constructive comments about street jargon, academia and fun  
statistics over who applied and got accepted to what.

Jesus fucking christ, its a joke about CONSENSUAL SEX USING PD  

No one notices Hard off also making fun of himself there. Ah, so  
typically one sided.

We are all humans.
Some of us have vaginas, others penises. (hell some even have both)
Some of us use PD and/or other Dataflow languages.

That email was more a comment on the lunacy of the aforementioned  
thread as well as some of you over intellectualizing every goddamn  
last minutiae of the topic - rather than an actual genuine heartfelt  

Perhaps if you took of your lab coat, removed the various PHDs from  
behind your desk, and any other assorted academic paraphernalia that  
may be laying about* - including the self righteousness - you might  
see that last email as an attempt to cut through the bullshit of this  
topic. Im sorry I have to spell it out for you.

*I am well aware that you and others may literally have said items  
behind your potentially non existing desk, however, I hope you can  
all grok the metaphor - somehow I feel ill be disappointed yet again...

The bottom line is, if PD is going to be used by Artists, prepare to  
be offended.

On Oct 26, 2007, at 2:20 PM, Alexandre Castonguay wrote:

> I think the post and this attitude has no place on this list. The  
> use of
> objects is smart but it doesn't excuse the moronic and offensive  
> nature of
> the post.  What makes you think that your freedom of speech should  
> come at
> the expense of women feeling violated and insulted?  I wonder if  
> you would
> state something like that before a crowd of 1000.  I feel disgusted.
> Alexandre
>> Haha. That made my day. Well done.
>> Yeah, calling him a virgin, real original.
>> On Oct 26, 2007, at 6:39 AM, hard off wrote:
>>> i went to the [pool] last week, and met this zexy girl,  she was a
>>> real GEM - a totally rradical chick.
>>> We started to [swap] some glances, and not being one to do anything
>>> [unauthorized], i asked her, "hey, do you want to [route]?"
>>> ..she said "sorry it's that [time] of the month"
>>> and i said, "hey, don't worry, i can part your red sea like [moses]"
>>> ..she gave me a [stripnote], so i pulled down her panties, opened  
>>> her
>>> [spigot], and then after a bit of a [delay] we got [hip~] to [hip~]
>>> and had a good ol' fashioned [bang] .
>>> after several minutes with our bodies in a tight [wrap~],  she asked
>>> to [change] positions, so i took out my [vslider] from her  
>>> [openpanel]
>>> and put her on the kitchen [table].
>>> she was ready to [receive] my [pipe] again.  so i thrust my [outlet]
>>> into her [inlet], stopping occasionally to [switch~] positions,
>>> [until] finally she let out a loud [noise~] and i shot my  
>>> [loadbang].
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