SOLVED: Re: [GEM-dev] ortho and bollean interaction between objects

B. Bogart ben at
Sun Nov 13 01:26:35 CET 2005

Never mind,

Of course \both\ objects need to have an [ortho] object in the chain!!!

Sorry to waste all your time.


B. Bogart wrote:
> Hello all,
> I want to be able to see the interaction between objects in ortho mode.
> I have a curve3d in front of a plane. When I move the curve3d control
> points back I want to see the plane underneath become visible.
> This all works great, except I don't want the perspective to cause the
> edges of the curve3d to get smaller as they move from the camera. In
> ortho mode no matter how far back I move the control point, the place
> behind it never becomes visible.
> Any way to use ortho and still being able to keep the object interaction?
> The effect I'm going for is something like what water looks like as it
> floods a complex 3D surface, the intersection between the surface and
> the plane of water being the important aspects.
> Back
>   _
> -/-\----/\-- <- plane
> / A \/\/  \  <- curve3d
> Front
> Here at point "A" the plane is visible in front of the curve3d.
> Or let me know if you have any other ideas to accomplish this.
> Thanks all.
> b.
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