[GEM-dev] HALCON plugin

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Sep 30 13:55:15 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-30 13:17, cyrille henry wrote:
> Hello,
> i finally have an evaluation licence for the HALCON lib, for 1 month.


> i compile the halcon plug-in like explain in the readme.
> compilation was no problem.
> in Gem/src, i did a :
> ln -s plugins/*/.libs/*.so .
> so i've got 5 gem_video plug in :
> DC1394, DV4L, HALCON, V4L, V4L2

not necessarily.
you have compiled 5 plugins, but some of them might not have enabled
their code.
e.g. if configure cannot find libdv, then you will end up with a bare
gem_videoDV4L.so, that basically does nothing....

> so, why did DV4L is not listed? 

see above.

> is DC1394 replacing it?

no, dc1394 uses idc (industrial video over ieee1394), wherase dv4l uses
IEC 61834 (aka: consumer a/v over ieee1394)

> i try to cp libhalconcpp.so in diferents place, but i still have the
> same error.
> what sould i do so that gem_videoHALCON.so can load libhalconcpp.so?

did you follow the steps in plugins/videoHALCON/README.txt that say:
probably this won't work, with Gem complaining that it cannot find
"libhalconcpp.so" or similar.
in this case should tell the linker where to find the halcon-libraries,
the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable:
should do the trick.


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