[PD-dev] CVS mods: -cordcolor and -guishadow

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Tue Dec 10 12:23:49 CET 2002

Hi Guenter, all,

>Now we can take a look if our enhancements survived ....

I think they did. 
I did some work last night to clean up the jsarlo patches and to
integrate them with recent changes from Miller. While I was in there, I
checked on the possibility of moving them out to command-line options. I
just checked them in.

On the CVS devel_0_36 branch, you can find two new command-line options:

-guishadow       -- add discrete shadows to basic objects

    This is in a fairly good state. I took out my earlier #ifdefs and
    a pre-existing macro (EXTRAPIX) I think accounted for the difference
    Linux and Mac shadow appearance. 

-cordcolor [col] -- change color of audio wires, with opt hex #rrggbb spec

    This is slightly more "beta" quality. The default color if simply type 
    "-cordcolor" is the dirty yellow you all love. If you prefer a fetching 
    magenta, type "-cordcolor #bb33bb" (or "-cordcolor #b3b", as I just 
    discovered). Currently there is no sanity check for a properly formed
    and strange behavior that I can't control, but have traced back to 
    g_editor.c:103, glist_deselectline. Feel free if you want to tackle it...

The default behavior for all platforms should make Frank happy :) (e.g.,
no visible change from Miller's 0.36-0 behavior).


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