[PD-dev] GEM: glm and glut

tigital tigital at mac.com
Wed Dec 11 18:18:55 CET 2002

>Hi there,
>I was about to remove the glut dependency of
>glm, because, I think it doesnt need glut ..
>and Gem already depends on too many different libraries.
>But on a second thought, it  might be needed on
>other platforms but Linux.
>Can someone check for this ?
>(exchange GL/glut.h with GL/gl.h in glm.h)
Hi Guenter,

...just tried it with OS X, and the example still works...tho can't 
load teapot right now?  Don't think it's related, and who uses teapot 
anyway? ;-)

Btw, thanx for checking before making a change:  IOhannes is not in 
the habit of doing this, and it is causing me problems...I think we 
need a GEM CVS announce list, now that there are more fingers in the 


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