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d dieb13 at klingt.org
Tue Jan 7 14:13:14 CET 2003

apropos cvs:
i didn't follow all threads on the list lately, so i'd like to know if 
there is a jackified version of pd 0.36 in cvs right now...?
thanks for info

> On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Miller Puckette wrote:
>>Thanks... I'll have a look at these in Jan.
> The easiest way to get this done is probably that you download the CVS
> version, look at the GUI, and request the features that you want.
> Then someone, Adam or me, will extract a patch from CVS including only
> these features.
> Otherwise this will be too much chaos, because there is more than
> only the GUI changes in CVS.
> Guenter
>>On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 01:34:52PM +0000, Adam Lindsay wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>I just committed a bag of experimental graphical interface changes to
>>>CVS. The main change is in the structure of the menus, which are now
>>>invoked in a more "native" way, using modern Tk guidelines (near as I can
>>>make out). People who like their Linux applications to look/act the same
>>>way on every other platform will probably not like this.
>>>I have tested on MacOSX. I tried the modified pd.tk file on Windows with
>>>success, but haven't had the resources to compile in the other changes. I
>>>would *really* appreciate it if other people tested this.
>>>More details, if you're curious...
>>>You can see the pd.tk changes involved here:
>>>Changing the windows also had some side-effects:
>>>  o The tearoff menus are now in the code as an adjustable global
>>>parameter. Macs don't use it, PC and Linux do.
>>>  o Tk reports a mis-feature with -postcommand on both Mac and Win (see
>>><http://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl8.4/TkCmd/menu.htm#M8>). As a result, I change
>>>the way the Edit (undo/redo) and Windows menu refresh. Basically, rather
>>>than updating when polled, I update the windows when the underlying state
>>>changes. There's an unsatisfying hack in g_canvas.c::pdtk_undomenu to
>>>catch a potential bug when a window is destroyed.
>>>While I was in there mucking about, I modified a few other things,
>>>following some of Apple's basic human interface guidelines:
>>>  o On the Mac, the last three menus are "Audio  Window  Help" instead of
>>>"Windows  Audio  Help".
>>>  o The "right-click" is now truly a right click on a 3-button mouse, and
>>>control-click is also usable for contextual menus.
>>>  o You can open html documentation files on the Mac.
>>>I also revisited JSarlo's gui patches, restoring the useful dark-yellow
>>>color on signal connections (but overlaying that on top of Miller's
>>>method for distinguishing them). I tweaked jsarlo's shadows on the Mac to
>>>make them look more like:
>>>(The shadows on the Mac were separated from the box by one pixel, which
>>>is kind of odd. Movement still will cause the box and shadow to be
>>>separated, for some reason.)
>>>I tried to set these changes off with tags, but it looks like it didn't
>>>work (still have a lot to learn with CVS). All of these are in the
>>>devel_0_36 branch that Guenter described yesterday.
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