[PD-dev] [GEM] Further CVS changes

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Thu Jan 30 01:59:02 CET 2003

Left out a paragraph that's now gone to the cut and paste gremlin, so 
i'll paraphrase:

Part of the point about the pix_gain illustration is not that altivec 
or my scalar code kick ass, but that the original pix_gain code could 
actually run faster than my changes on a different platform.  There 
should be a fair amount of testing when these things are changed, for 
compatibility, stability, and performance.  It's not possible for 
each developer to know the ins and outs of tweaking each and every 
platform and compiler, so some collaboration is necessary on the 
shape of the code.

Anyway I really just wanted to open up a discussion about making GEM 
really fly on all platforms. ;)

On a somewhat related note: Is there someone building a Windows 
version of the CVS?  I have a win2k box with pre-CVS GEM and no 
compiler, and would like to check out how the CVS version runs on it.


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