[PD-dev] [Fwd: Re: pidip]

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Thu Aug 21 20:14:31 CEST 2003


Pablo wrote:

 >you might remember i was building debian packets of your externals for
 >pure data. i also built packges for cooled countund gem2pdp drid
 >sonogram and playlist, and i'll try to package them all eventually.
 >right now i'm in the process of changing the package names to pd-*.
wow, cool, thx.

 >the thing is: i've been talking with guenter geiger (he is packaging
 >pure data for debian) to get the packages into debian. one of the
 >problems is pidip depends on liblame and i believe lame will never get
 >into debian. what would happen if pidip is compiled without support for
 >it? is it possible?

well, it's a little bit trickier than that, there's no direct dependency
with lame,
but it is introduced by ffmpeg which uses lame to decode the sound of
most videos and i wouldn't like to remove dependency to ffmpeg
as it would mean pidip would then be only able to read quicktime movies
and no longer mpegs, avi, .... as well as not being able anymore to
stream videos.
hum, i find it annoying to publish such a version.

 >another question: have you defined the help patches for the different
 >pidip pieces? i'm asking because when i hit the help button over them
 >the help patch doesn't appear.

no, no help patches defined.
all the help patches are in the doc directory
but they are not installed in the usual help folder.
i'll add this in next release.

 >also while preparing the packages i noticed you install all the help
 >patches into 6.reference section... don't you think it is necessary to
 >separate them into help patches and example patches? (for example)

there's no example patches, except in the newly created
patches folder, all that's in doc folder are help patches.

 >anotheer thing (and this is the last... for the moment :)): would you
 >mind if we put the code for pidip into the pure data extern cvs? i can
 >do it if you want... it's because guenter prefers to have them in a cvs
 >so it's easier packaging them. maybe he already consulted you about

this has been done lately by Hans-Cristoph Steiner
( and i thank him a lot for that )
for i don't have much time to do it
( i'm in barcelona and we're preparing a festival for the end of the month :
http://www.hackitectura.net/lamultitudconectada/ )


 >well this is all.. keep the incredible work!! each time i finish
 >building a package for pidip you get a new version out ;)
 >      pablo

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