[PD-dev] Compiling Externals with Visual C++ 7|.net

aziz me at triyae.com
Mon Oct 6 16:25:51 CEST 2003

hullo list,
Ive just decided to start on externals programing, and came upon my 
first stumble, pd cant find the (extern)_setup method. I tried to find a 
solution in the mailing list, coming up to no_export clues. I dont know 
if its relevant or at all has been solved(compiling with msdev) but i 
just wanna share my 1 hour frustration(more has yet to come) and joy. It 
bore down to the fact that the linker doesnt export the function under a 
default dll project, nor could i find an easy setting in msdev to export 
that function. I found it easiest thus,
i. start an empty win32 project
ii. write your code (mine was just in one cpp)
iii-a. under the property pages, go to Linker, go to Command line, then 
in the text box, Additional Options type       /EXPORT:[extern]_setup
iii-b. declare export dll with a microsoft specific modifier, 
__declspec, your setup function would look like this
    __declspec(dllexport) void foo_setup(void){}

at first i thought i would be able to achieve this same thing only with 
extern (yes, too long no programming) or set the []_setup as the dll 
entry point, but didnt happen. I think iii-b, shouldnt be used because 
its not crosscompilable. Hey, any malaysian or aSean pd'ers | extern 
progammers out there? its lonely here! ; ]

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