[PD-dev] scons issues

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Thu Oct 13 11:18:15 CEST 2005

hi Tim,

> hm ... i never experienced this ... where have you
> put your pd sources?
They are in /root/Baustelle/pd , I used the "scons
prefix=/usr install" command line.
I tried changing the ('prefix', 'install prefix',
'/usr/local'), line in src/SConscript to
Pathoption('prefix', 'install prefix', '/usr/local'),
but that didn't help.

> > src/ failed on my p4 (with gentoo). changing this
> to
> > -mfpmath=sse,387 seems to be a workaround.
> how does it fail? to use the -mfpmath=sse option, i
> think, you'll have
> to use optimize=pentium4 or similar ...

Yeah, this works! Thank you. Maybe this should be put
into install.txt ...

with kind regards,

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