[PD-dev] where is flext.h?

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Wed Feb 1 12:47:21 CET 2006

Hi Iohannes,
i like the idea, also because this is the way to include headers from 
OSX frameworks.
If there are no other issues with this i'll change it in the cvs 


Am 01.02.2006 um 11:57 schrieb IOhannes m zmoelnig:

> hi
> just a minor question:
> when installing flext as suggested, the header files are copied into 
> /usr/local/include/flext/ (and i guess /usr/include/flext/ if i would 
> choose that)
> however, all the flext externals seem to include <flext.h>, which 
> makes a "-I/usr/local/include/flext" necessary.
> i do not understand the reasoning behind this, as i would expect to 
> include <flext/flext.h>.
> wouldn't it be nice to not have to change the standard include path?
> i prefer the separate directory, but for compatibility one (thomas) 
> could make a /usr/local/include/flext.h which in turn includes 
> <flext/flext.h>.
> (alternatively one could make a flext-config script which returns the 
> correct path, but i don't like that)
> mfg.adsr.
> IOhannes
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