Restructuring of CVS/externals [was: Re: [PD-dev] moocow's libs]

cdr ix at
Wed Feb 1 22:17:26 CET 2006

On Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 12:28:47PM -0500, B. Bogart wrote:
> Hey all,
> I think one factor that would make the organization of the externals
> easier is NOT to structure the CVS in that way.

and just stick with complete disorganization? :D

> What I mean is that there
> are a plenty of externals that would simultaneously belong to two
> catagories, like pix_pix2sig~ (not an individual external) which is both
> audio and video... 

its not an exact science(1), but it would be helful to be able to cd externals/streaming and see mp3_play~ shoutcast~ pdp_live~ etc. there could even be a category that pix2sig, pdp2grid, netsend, sc4pd might fit into..

> metadata

this can help too. perhaps the basic category metadata hint could base itself on it's parent path within externals/

> symlinks

great point. not sure ive seen symlinks in CVS or SVN dirs. but how do you propose we caterogize say, the externals in Zexy without making it a total hell for the maintainer?

> If we don't have to worry about externals belonging to
> a particular catagory exclusively then that would make the organization
> more accurate, and solve some stalemakes.

yeah, it would be great if our filesystems were databases, and supported 'tagging'. maybe we should all switch to BeOS?

> one dir per external, w/ doc and metadata

like that, esp for integrated browsing (navigating 5.reference/ was always a safari)

(1) current "portage" categories:

a portage # ls -d */
app-accessibility/  dev-cpp/       games-board/       media-fonts/    net-wireless/       sys-fs/
app-admin/          dev-db/        games-emulation/   media-gfx/      net-www/            sys-kernel/
app-antivirus/      dev-dotnet/    games-engines/     media-libs/     net-zope/           sys-libs/
app-arch/           dev-embedded/  games-fps/         media-plugins/  packages/           sys-power/
app-backup/         dev-games/     games-kids/        media-radio/    perl-core/          sys-process/
app-benchmarks/     dev-haskell/   games-misc/        media-sound/    profiles/           virtual/
app-cdr/            dev-java/      games-mud/         media-tv/       rox-base/           www-apache/
app-crypt/          dev-lang/      games-puzzle/      media-video/    rox-extra/          www-apps/
app-dicts/          dev-libs/      games-roguelike/   metadata/       sci-astronomy/      www-client/
app-doc/            dev-lisp/      games-rpg/         net-analyzer/   sci-biology/        www-misc/
app-editors/        dev-ml/        games-server/      net-dialup/     sci-calculators/    www-servers/
app-emacs/          dev-perl/      games-simulation/  net-dns/        sci-chemistry/      x11-apps/
app-emulation/      dev-php/       games-sports/      net-firewall/   sci-electronics/    x11-base/
app-forensics/      dev-php4/      games-strategy/    net-fs/         sci-geosciences/    x11-drivers/
app-i18n/           dev-php5/      games-util/        net-ftp/        sci-libs/           x11-libs/
app-laptop/         dev-python/    gnome-base/        net-im/         sci-mathematics/    x11-misc/
app-misc/           dev-ruby/      gnome-extra/       net-irc/        sci-misc/           x11-plugins/
app-mobilephone/    dev-scheme/    gnustep-apps/      net-libs/       sci-visualization/  x11-proto/
app-office/         dev-tcltk/     gnustep-base/      net-mail/       scripts/            x11-terms/
app-pda/            dev-tex/       gnustep-libs/      net-misc/       sec-policy/         x11-themes/
app-portage/        dev-tinyos/    kde-base/          net-nds/        sys-apps/           x11-wm/
app-shells/         dev-util/      kde-misc/          net-news/       sys-auth/           xfce-base/
app-text/           distfiles/     licenses/          net-nntp/       sys-block/          xfce-extra/
app-vim/            eclass/        mail-client/       net-p2p/        sys-boot/
app-xemacs/         games-action/  mail-filter/       net-print/      sys-cluster/
dev-ada/            games-arcade/  mail-mta/          net-proxy/      sys-devel/

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