[PD-dev] [Dataflow] desireticket to desiredata mailing list (fwd)

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Aug 6 02:45:16 CEST 2006

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Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 17:46:19 +0200
From: "[*~]" <chun at goto10.org>
To: dataflow at artengine.ca
Subject: [Dataflow] desireticket to desiredata mailing list

hi all:

i have took the liberty to create a new mailing list called [desireticket]. this ml is hooked to the
ticketing (trac) system we are starting to use at here:


all modification/update of the tickets will be sent and notified through this list. currently, only matju,
grill and me are on this list. if any one is interested in following list, please visit:


hopefully this will help us to track things better...

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