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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Aug 12 23:15:08 CEST 2006

carmen hat gesagt: // carmen wrote:

> why is it going to be a lot of work? i recently converted all my
> projects to git - just a matter typing 'git-svnimport /var/svn'.
> theres also a git-cvsimport, which i haven't tried, but is
> presumably just as simple since SVN is just CVS with a few annoyance
> fixes. every last commit was retained, down to the tags and log
> messages, all with no effort on my part. free software can be
> great..

Technically going from CVS to SVN is no problem, socially however it
is. One reason *is* the already huge number of developers, so it
probably is only possible to do it step by step, like for example
first convert the "abstractions" directory to SVN, because it doesn't
have many dependencies to other parts of the tree (like no g_canvas.h
to #include etc.)

Then maybe flext-externals could walk over, as they aren't a part of
the Build-system yet anyways and there are only a handful of
developers using flext, many of them like Thomas and I are already
using subversion for managing their stuff as far as it's outside of
Sourceforge. flext needs some Pd headers, those could be copied over
as well.

I'm a bit unsure how to go on with Pd itself. In some recent mails
Miller talked a bit about his problems keeping his source tree in sync
with the CVS, so just telling him: "You have to switch to yet another
system" may be a bit unfriendly.

However I believe Miller's problems with CVS are very similar to the
problems I had with CVS all the time and which I could never solve
inside CVS, but they were solved automatically since I use Subversion.

One simple example is, that Subversion is much more forgiving when it
comes to "accidents" like creating a directory you didn't want to
create. With subversion, you can just delete it, with CVS even such a
simple task is a big hassle. Also renaming, moving and tagging is much
easier with Subversion.

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