[PD-dev] iem_t3_lib - sample rate change

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Aug 23 10:04:31 CEST 2006


Thomas Grill wrote:
> once again, here's the right one.....
> Thomas Grill schrieb:
>> Hi Iohannes, hi Thomas,
>> i just realized that the message objects of the iem_t3_lib don't react 
>> upon samplerate or blocksize changes although they should.
>> Attached is a patch that should fix that.


>> +static void t3_metro_dsp(t_t3_metro *x, t_signal **sp)
>> +{
>> +  x->x_ticks2ms = 1000.0*(double)sys_getblksize()/(double)sys_getsr();
>> +}
>> +

this does not react on blocksize changes either, and the samplerate 
changes it reacts on are only changes to the playback (soundcard!) 
samplerate (e.g. when you change the samplerate via the menu (or 
pd-messages) which is not the thing you usually do)

the blocking of the canvas will be completely ignored by this patch.
however, in your first patch (the "wrong" one) you also took [block~] 
into account.
what is the reason to discard this solution?


PS: i think that all (and more) of the functionality of iem_t3_lib can 
be done with the builtin [vline~] object.

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