[PD-dev] gcc 4.1 and auto-vectorization

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Mon Nov 20 00:04:34 CET 2006

Hi H.C.,

> It generally accepted procedure in the projects that I've seen that  
> people guide their own code thru the procedures of submitting  
> patches and getting them accepted.  I think that makes sense here too.
> Its coming quite clear that devel/dd is fork since the devel/dd  
> devs are resistant or unwilling to try to get code into pd-MAIN.

well, you perfectly know that this isn't true. I have been submitting  
many patches and bug reports over the last years, but i don't see why  
i should invest my really scarce time in something that's senseless.
If i would have submitted the patch for SIMD two or three years ago  
(by the time i made the relevant changes), it would have been  
automatically discarded in the meantime, simply because Miller has  
shown zero interest in using it. The SIMD patch would have been a lot  
of work - wasted time, that i could have used for other developments  
or even for composing music.

> That's too bad, I think we will all be the worse for it, but its  
> your choice to do so.  I think it would be helpful to make it clear  
> that its a fork instead of continuing to skirt the issue.

I'll be continuing submitting patches that aren't a lot of work, like  
bug fixes. For other stuff (like the existing audio and midi fixes,  
idle callbacks, SIMD, or other features i have in mind) interested  
people are more than welcome to keep track of the changes and submit  
them. I don't see why necessarily i should do it.
If it helps i'll also announce to the pd-devel list when new features  
are introduced.

best greetings,

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