[PD-dev] Pd development with git-svn

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 22:45:56 CET 2008


I just wanted to let you know that I recently did a git-svn download
of the subversion repo.
It took quite some time, so to save others time I thought I'd make it available.

I _don't_ recommend using this for working on svn branches, since it
imported the branches a bit strangely due to the somewhat non-standard
way the /branches folder is organized.
However, if you're working off of the trunk it's fine.
Also, you can easily make local branches off of the trunk, work work
work, and then at some point when you want to commit, you download the
latest trunk with:

git-svn rebase

Then manually rebase the local branch you've been working on,

git-checkout <mybranch>
git-rebase master

Then dump in your new commits:

git-svn dcommit

More likely this is useful for generating patches against the main
trunk to be submitted to the patch tracker:

git-diff master..<mybranch>

(That way even people without svn access can version-control their
proposed patches before they are even accepted and applied.)

If you're not at all interested in using git, ignore this message..
I don't think git-svn is a good starting point for learning git, but
if you're used to it and like it, this might be useful to you.

You can download my tarball of the repo here:

Untar it and then do "git-svn rebase" to grab the latest changes.
(I give a tarball instead of suggesting git-clone because git-clone
doesn't copy important svn-related stuff.)

Some interesting info..
After downloading the whole svn history, the .git folder was something
like 540 MB.  After "git-gc --aggressive", which repacks and
compresses the history database, it was about 74 MB.  Not bad.. :)
That's for the whole history of pure-data.


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