[PD-dev] [ pure-data-Bugs-2598132 ] gop toggle-related suicide (in four parts)

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Thu Apr 2 16:36:48 CEST 2009

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Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
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Summary: gop toggle-related suicide (in four parts)

Initial Comment:
1. create new patch and make a subpatch
2. bring up the canvas properties for subpatch and check "graph on parent" and "hide object name and arguments", click ok
3. right click on the gop box on parent patch
4. uncheck only "graph on parent" and click ok
Bug #1: gop is still enabled

5. close subpatch window
6. right-click gop-box in parent, uncheck "hide object name and arguments" then "graph on parent," click ok
Bug #2: the text of the subpatch can no longer be selected or changed.

6. open the subpatch window
7. in the parent patch (in editmode) select the subpatch object box
8. click delete.
Bug#3: subpatch is deleted but the object box (and anything that was visible in the gop window) is still visible.  Minimizing and maximizing the patch window erases this.

9. Use undo to get back the subpatch.
10. Make sure the subpatch window is visible.
11. Enable "gop" and "hide object etc..." for subpatch, click ok.
12. Uncheck "hide object etc.", click ok.
13. Uncheck "graph on parent", click ok.
Bug#4: Pd crashes!


(Part IV will also crash Pd without going through steps I-III.)


>Comment By: IOhannes m zmlnig (zmoelnig)
Date: 2009-04-02 16:36

trying to reproduce...

this is on 0.41-4 (self-compiled) on debian/linux

I and II work as described.

i cannot reproduce III due to another bug:  in state after II, i cannot
open the the subpatch at all (neither via click (it still thinks it is
somehow gop) nor via rightclick->open)

i had troubles reproducing IV at first, but now it crashes every time and
i cannot find what i did differently...


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