[PD-dev] Number of objects in pd-extended versus pd vanilla

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I didn't have a goal in mind, thought something that might need work that I
hadn't heard about before.

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> On 2014-07-07 09:43, Greg Schroeder via Pd-dev wrote:
> > Could someone give an example of a single object name that creates
> > more than one Pd class?
> [list], [array], [scalar], [text].
> > How would one go about reducing those 194 object names?
> could you give more context about what you want to achieve?
> btw, i had a quick glance at the sourcecode of Pd and found that it
> contains about 238 distinct class-names.
> >>> Does anyone know how many objects there are in pd extended
> >>> versus in pd
> >> vanilla?
> this question is hard to answer.
> Pd-extended is two things: a slightly modified Pd binary, and a
> collection of 3rd party objects (externals, abstractions).
> if you only take the PdX binary into account, then the number of
> objectclasses will be *approximately* the same as with Pd-vanilla.
> (there are a few "internal" objects in PdX (like [initbang] or
> [closebang]), that never made it into Pd-vanilla; but then PdX is
> still 0.43, and some objectclasses have been added since then).
> or not. iirc (but might be mistaken), PdX has removed almost all
> internal objects from it's binary and made them available as a
> separate "vanilla" library.
> and then, if you want to count all objectclasses that are somehow
> included in PdX via 3rd party libraries, then PdX will have *a lot* more.
> some of them are hard to count. e.g. Gem (included in PdX) has a
> loader, that will turn all frei0r plugins findable on your computer
> into Pd-objects, even though PdX does not include them itself.
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