[PD-dev] declare (again)

Antoine Rousseau antoine at metalu.net
Tue Sep 11 00:36:04 CEST 2018

I'm also very enthusiast with the new version to come!

One thing (among many others!) makes me very happy: the new behavior of
[declare -path]. Pd now finds any declared library, wherever the user chose
to place it, provided the location (of the library directory) is either
relative, standard, or declared in preferences. I think this is the way to
build portable patches and abstractions.

I would like to propose some steps further:

- 1: I think we should now discourage patch builders from using -stdpath or
-stdlib, as it would restrain the portability of their patches; this is
only a matter of rewriting (one more time...) the declare help patch.

- 2: why not introducing a new [declare] functionality, which would allow
to avoid the flag (-path -lib -stdpath -stdlib) and cumulate -lib and -path
So we would have for instance:
[declare zexy iemlib]
 instead of
[declare -path zexy -lib zexy -path iemlib -lib iemlib]
This would in some way resuscitate the old [import] from pd-extended.
It seems it's a relatively easy code change, so it's more a matter of

It seems to me that the community would benefit from adopting rapidly a new
unified way to declare any library, whether binary or abstraction.

Antoine Rousseau
  http://www.metalu.net <http://metalu.net> __
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