[PD-dev] Fwd: capabilities of data structures with externals

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 18:23:24 CET 2020

>     (I have here a patch with more than 33548 scalars, and that window
>     does take lots of time to open.)
> Yeah.. my patch does have some issues locking up PD at this time.. the 
> datastuct is quite complex and if I have the drawing window open when 
> I create the ds then pd hangs for quite a while.. though once I do the 
> initial draw opening and closing the window is quick... I do wish I 
> could have more capabilities for manipulating the visualization 
> without actually changing any data (zoom) which is something that 
> would be pretty trivial with GEM.

The complexity of the scalars isn't much an issue, more the quantity of 
elements is what brings tcl/tk down. I think the problem is there, and 
not really with the Pd core.

Zoom is also easy with donecanvasdialog or coords messages, although the 
speed doesn't change.

It also makes it faster and less prone to bugs to close the canvas while 
the scalars are being redone, then open it. Vis messages automatize that 
with no issues.


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