[PD-dev] Releasing to deken

David Rush kumoyuki at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 01:46:42 CET 2021

Hi -

So during lockdown here in Ireland, I bought a Sensel Morph to try and
improve my PD performance abilities. I love the device, and very quickly
graduated to trying to work with its MIDI MPE capabilities. This rapidly
led me down the road to writing an an external [mpoly] object to handle the
variety of messages that need to be dispatched for MPE. Having become
frustrated with limitations in Sensels MIDI mapping software, I then
proceeded to write a series of external objects that use the Sensel device
API to directly communicate with PD.

And it all seems stable enough to release, but I'm a bit hazy on some
aspects of publishing to deken, and was hoping someone could either answer
my questions or point me to an appropriate document (as these questions
haven't been addressed in anything I have found so far).

1 - How can I test my packaging and its installation?
2 - Can deken packages be deleted/removed/name changed?
3 - Do I need to support all architectures on day 1? (currently I build
4 - Where can I get the nice help templates used by Else/Cyclone &cet?
        Everything I've found online seems to be both massively out of date
        and expects that you already know how to use it.
5 - One or Two packages?
       Currently, I have two separate shared libs, one requires the Sensel
       library, one does not. I haven't checked the licensing yet, but I
       the Sensel library probably can't be distributed in a deken friendly

So that's my list :) Any help would be greatly appreciated. The help
template question is particularly vexing, as I find that help files for PD
objects are *essential* to being able for me to figure things out, even
when I grab someone else's code.

Thanks in Advance
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