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Em sáb., 2 de jan. de 2021 às 22:20, David Rush <kumoyuki at gmail.com>

> 4 - Where can I get the nice help templates used by Else/Cyclone &cet?
>         Everything I've found online seems to be both massively out of date
>         and expects that you already know how to use it.

As the one who worked on the help files of the two libraries you cited, I
can say I don't really know :) haha...

Ok, more seriously, I just did it based on stuff that was out there before.
I guess you mentioned the pddp templates? See
https://puredata.info/dev/pddp/DraftReferenceDesigns - is that what you are
calling outdated?

Anyway Cyclone 0.2 had this template I'm not sure exactly where it came
from, and I just made some variations on it. You can check PD-l2ork's help
structure, I guess it came from there... see "all_about_help_patches.pd".

Now, there are some common practices you can get inspired from but no
strict rules or golden standard on how to structure your help file... and
I'm not really happy with what I have and eventually I could change it a

What I can tell you is that making a good documentation file is hard, takes
a lot of time and thought and that it is usually neglected in the Pd world.
I cry every time I open a patch with a big mesh of wires all over the place
and over messages/objects... sometimes I can't even sleep. Just try to make
things clean!!! And document all the messages! Organize it in subpatches if
there's too much.

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