Is this list working?

Miller Puckette mpuckett at
Wed Feb 25 22:01:25 CET 1998

On Feb 25,  1:36pm, William Kleinsasser wrote:
> Miller,
> I have noticed that the filter classes (lop~, hop~, bp~) all create
> audible glitches when the cf setting is changed while audio passes
> through.  Is this something that is fixable or are dynamically changing
> filters not possible yet?

There's a band-pass filter whose center frequency you can change on the
fly, called vcf~.  Changing "q" can still cause clicks.  As to bandpass
and lowpass, I haven't done anything for them yet.

> Any ideas on how to access the 8 outs on the adat card for the O2?

I do want to support that (also on NT) but haven't got to it yet...  you
could always change MAXCH in the source (s_sgi.c) and other changes
accordingly, until I can get it fixed up...


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