Major code cleanup needed?!?!

Larry Troxler lt at
Sat Feb 7 02:37:45 CET 1998

I think PD must have originally been inherited from the Pre-ANSI C days

Is it just me, or does anyone else have an urge to clean the thing up
before the project grows further?

- Compiling with -Wall on gcc/Linux results in many screen fulls of
warnings. Perhaps the #pragmas in gcc are a bit weak (to disable
specific warnings) and this is why -Wall isn't used by default?

- There as some function prototypes patched directly into the C files
where the functions are called, as opposed to using an include-file. 

- Some files (the Tk ones?) use the old K&R-style function definitions
and declarations!

If anyone is interested in collaborating, perhaps, on cleaning this up,
please contact me at lt at

--  Larry Troxler --  lt at  --  Patterson, NY USA  --

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