Operating System Performance

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at music.mcgill.ca
Wed Apr 22 00:45:22 CEST 1998


	I d/led PD today and have set it up with some success.  I've had some
experience with Max and MSP, so I wasn't completely lost.

	I was wondering if anyone has some speed comparisons of PD on a Win95 vs.
Linux vs. NT Pentium based system?  I am obliged to run Win95 at the moment,
but have had Linux and NT installed in the past, and would consider
re-installing either if it would give PD a noticeable advantage speed wise.

	Congrats on the creation of PD and Gems!  I wish them both success.

	Michael Lechasseur

Michael Lechasseur              (514) 844-9037
michael at mediafactory.net    Montreal QC Canada

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