Pd and Win 95: further experiments

Junger Joerg Joerg.Junger at swisslife.ch
Fri Oct 16 08:46:41 CEST 1998

Hi list,

last nigth I spend some hours trying out different parameter settings. I
achived some results by specifiying an audiorate. By doing so I was able to
use the built-in soundcard. I tried settings of 44100, 22050 and 11025. The
lower the number, the more robust against drop outs is the system. these
dropouts are caused by moving the cursor. When I use the osc~ example there
is still a noticable tremolo, but no sharp clicks. Specifiying audiorate
also helps for the performance of the Emu soundcard.
Strangely, specifiying a audiobuffer worstened things in my case. I tried
settings from 0.05 to 1024 but as a result with both soundcards this yielded
in series of clicks/drop outs. 
My guess is that the problems are due to the shitty multitasking model of
Win 95 (besides using a slow machine which is, of course, my fault ;)). Ok,
I guess I will explore the depth of Linux, given that there is support for
the built in soundcard. For the Emu soundcard, there is no Linux support as
far as I know. Any recommendations for specific kernel versions etc?



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