tpt opt at
Mon Oct 26 00:11:49 CET 1998

well, it took me longer to realise that the postcommands where already there than
to actually solve the problem , ;) , which turned out to be related to 2 different
versions of freetype ...

and yeah, it would be really nice if the error-or-startupreports would be a bit
more detailed ...
could have saved this or another hour ... ;)

tknks anyway, ltr ..

Miller Puckette wrote:

> > approximately whereabouts would i insert
> those calls?(i dont mean line numbers but maybe files and code-sections) ...
> I looked at the code, and discovered immediately that (mea culpa!) there are
> situations in which the "-lib" flag handling fails and exits without a
> message!  So I'd put printf's at the beginning and end of "sys_loademup()"
> in the file "s_loader.c".   If the function gets to the last line it succeeded,
> otherwise it failed.  I'll go back and put in some better error reporting for
> the next release...
> Miller
> PS main() calls sys_argparse() which calls sys_loademup(), so if I'm wrong
> about what's failing I'd go back up the call chain.

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