GEM & Linux

tpt opt at
Mon Nov 23 13:35:12 CET 1998

Soeren Bovbjerg wrote:
> Hi List
> This question may be an old one, but......
> How do I make GEM work in Linux???
> Do I have to 'make' anything
> I have downloaded version 0.77-1 and untar'ed it into /pd/gem/
> What now?

first you should check if you ve got all the libraries needed (Mesa,
gltt, freetype, td, ...), if not install them or build them in
after that cd to pd/gem/src/Gnu, ./configure, make ....

i put the compiled Gem.pd-linux i think in /usr/lib/pd/externs and it
loads fine
with an "-lib Gem" entry in my .pdrc file ...


> Thanx in advance
> Soeren Bovbjerg


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