minimum hardware for linux PD?

Thu Dec 3 20:18:16 CET 1998


For those who are really curious about platforms that pd has run

I use it in MkLinux on a PowerMac 7200/120MHz.

Haven't tried yet GEM package with it but pd runs almost fine.

Almost because the MkLinux system seems to have no support for MIDI
And no duplex audio :(  I can either read or write to my dev/dsp.

So I'm still working in MAX in MacOS.  When I have more time
I will have to recompile the kernel to tkae out sound in order to
install OSS which is supposed to be running on a PPC and supposedly
has full  duplex audio support.

Unfortunately other MkLinux users don't seem to be interested
in doing music on their machines.

However, given a well developed kernel and system with all support
you need and considering various benchmarks, pd should perform
better on a PPC processors than on Pentium.

For now, though, it's just a wishful thinking.

Let's hope OSX server will be more reliable.
>On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Miller Puckette wrote:
>->Hi Steev,
>->Did anyone answer your letter yet?  (you should have a pentium; otherwise
>->I don't know much about Pd on linux...)
>yes, thanx! someone said they're using a p-200 and it works fine; so far
>i've tried it on an Indy and a p-100 with 24M RAM. The p-100 is pretty
>sluggish (window draws and cursor movements were really slow when i had 2
>patches open at once, cos.pd and fm.pd, i think).  However, it actually
>never crashed whereas the Indy dumped core a few times...
>btw, roughly how many pd users are there?  does anyone have an idea?
>thanx again,
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